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Think Like a Bartender, mixes two parts wisdom and one part comedy for a delicious cerebral cocktail everyone will enjoy! Even if you have never had an alcoholic drink, you will giggle your way through this personal, yet lighthearted perspective on living your best life!


From learning how to cut people off to updating your personal menu and ingredients, you'll quickly see you have much more in common with this skilled professional than once thought! Think Like a Bartender,  challenges us all to tap into our inner mixologist and "serve up" our best selves.

In a refreshingly funny and entertaining way, Think Like a Bartender, serves up bite-sized chapters helping:

Bartenders (old and new)-  understand the amazing parallel between their job and personal lives

Customers- better appreciate a profession that is sometimes taken for granted  

Everyday People- remember to constantly take inventory in your life and remember to Enjoy it!


By the end of this book, you’ll never look at a bar, bartender or yourself the same way.  These comical, “cocktale” comparisons reminds us that we all are connected at the Bar of Life! You also may even learn a new recipe or two! 

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